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Social Media

An interactive portfolio of my
behind-the-scenes work
Below is an interactive portfolio of some of the social media posts I curated. Clicking on a photo will direct you to the Instagram post.

When I was tasked with writing my first social media post for @insidenatgeo during my internship at the National Geographic Society, I thought it would be easy — after all, I call myself a writer. But that wasn't the case. I soon discovered that social media is both an art and a science, so I had to quickly learn how to channel the brand's voice, select images that would receive high engagement, know how to write for each platform, and develop my skills to deliver engaging information in short-form writing. I was excited to apply my research skills to highlight important issues, identify species, and accurately represent the science behind the posts. It was a learning curve, but writing for social media gave me the opportunity to learn yet another way to communicate science. 

@insidenatgeo for #CampaignForNature

The Inside NatGeo social accounts are specific to the National Geographic Society and highlight the work of their explorers and impact programs. I curated posts to support the Campaign for Nature, an initiative to protect 30% of the planet by 2030. I wrote about the importance of protecting natural areas, our partners, and how our lives are intertwined with nature. 


I worked on this account to highlight the work being done by National Geographic's Pristine Seas team. They are working towards the Campaign for Nature's goal of protecting 30% of the planet by 2030 by helping establish marine protected areas across the world. I discussed their work, shared facts about various species and ecosystems, and raised awareness for the threats facing the ocean. 

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