Hey there! I'm Rasha.

I'm a science journalist eager to share stories of the natural world

 I'm a science journalist interested in all things wildlife, environment, and sustainability. Nothing makes me happier than geeking out over some good science and translating that excitement into an accessible science story for a large audience. I really love stories that weave science, culture, and society together to demonstrate just how connected we are with science and the environment.

I recently finished up a gig with NPR's daily science podcast, Short Wave. Before venturing into audio, I worked as a freelance journalist and daily contributor to Smithsonian magazine's Smart News. I've also written for ScienceScience News for Students, and The Guardian. 

I've worn a few different science communication hats over the years: science writing, marketing, advocacy, communications, and now journalism. In each position, I combined my background as an almost-scientist with my writing/multimedia skills to communicate complex science in a public-friendly way. You can find my resume here.

I'm also an adventurer. As Atlas Obscura's Conservation Storytelling Fellow, I traveled to the Amazon rainforest to report on conservation, communities, and ecotourism in Tambopata, Peru. I had the opportunity to practice my skills in journalism in the world's most beautiful ecosystem and to share a small handful of the Amazon's infinite stories. Eager to learn more, feel more, and explore more, I returned to the Tambopata Research Center in December to spend a month working with the Macaw Society. I got lost in the forest regularly, spent my days studying macaws (my new favorite animal), and got a bird's eye view of the rainforest by climbing trees every day (check out my behind the scenes video). Words cannot express my love of the rainforest, and I'm eager to share that sense of wonder with others who haven't experienced the Amazon in person. 

When I'm not writing, you can find me curled up in a hammock reading a good book outside, practicing my birding skills, or adventuring with my friends.